Reflective Window Film

Reflective Window Film

Statistics show that compared to heating a building it takes approximately 3 times more energy to cool it!

Solar energy and glare that enters your building through ordinary glass windows as radiated heat, light and glare can make everyday tasks very uncomfortable.

The installation of our films to your existing glazing are by far the most cost effective way to reduce incoming temperature and glare. They could reduce running costs of air conditioning greatly or even eliminate the need to install it at all. Reflective window films can reduce the percentage of solar heat entering the building by up to 91% and the percentage of solar glare by up to 96% whilst still allowing light to pass through.

Current Health & Safety and Display Screen Equipment Regulations make it the employer’s responsibility to provide a comfortable working environment. Staff productivity and attendance can be greatly effected due to high temperatures and glare that can cause eye-strain, headaches and fatigue amongst other things.

With the government’s current push to reduce energy usage within buildings our solar films are an excellent addition and can reduce the energy transmitted into a building dramatically.

Reflective films also offer levels of privacy ranging from low to very high depending on what product you choose to use.

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