Coloured Window Film

Coloured Window Film

Create multi-coloured light with tinted window film

Coloured window glass is a beautiful way to create multi-coloured light within a space; increasingly popular with architects and designers the only problem is the cost!

With a wide range of beautiful, vibrant colours and designs our tinted window films can meet any vision at a fraction of the cost of coloured glass.

Semi-transparent to let coloured light stream through into an interior, the window films are adhesive backed for quick installation by our expert team at Quality Window Film. It is even possible to cut simple designs, logos and graphics to create a stained glass window effect.

Vibrant colour options

Our coloured window films offer incredibly vibrant, bright colours including red, blue, yellow, magenta and green which can be applied to any flat, smooth glass surface.

Easy maintenance

Coloured window films are completely washable with a simple solution of soapy water, and fade resistant, so even in the sunniest south facing window they’ll always look brand new.

Reduced heat and glare

Thanks to their translucent nature coloured window films can also help reduce glare and heat from direct sunlight in an incredibly attractive way without making the room dim or dark.

Quick and professional

When applied by Quality Window Film, installation is quick and simple with no glue or mess; everything is cut to fit perfectly with no creases or bubbles and with a guarantee of virtual invisibility for the full coloured glass effect!

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