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Conservatory Solar Film

Material blinds are the traditional approach taken to deal with these’ problems, but they can be expensive, they require periodic cleaning and maintenance, and they can affect the.
Visible light levels within the conservatory. For many people this goes against everything a conservatory stands for – excellent visibility to view the garden and surroundings,


Conservatory Solar Film for Glass Windows

conservatory solar film

conservatory solar film

There is an alternative. Our
Conservatory solar films aretechnically advanced solar control films that present a very cost-effective,
Unobtrusive and permanent solution, they require no maintenance Other than normal Window cleaning, and they effectively and efficiently address the issues of solar gain glare and UV protection whilst allowing visible light to pass through,

Our Conservatory solar control performance window films can reject as much as 79% of unwanted solar energy(which can mean a heat gain reduction of 71%) reduce solar glare by 83% and block out 99% of harmful UV rays. The use of our Conservatory solar film
In a conservatory can typically reduce internal temperatures by as much as 6-8°C.

But sometimes living with a conservatory can actually be a problem, as any owner of a conservatory can tell you; there are a number of drawbacks:

All too often the conservatory becomes too hot in summer months when the sun shines, rendering it more or less unusable.
Glare from the sun makes the room uncomfortable to use.
Ultraviolet rays can fade fabrics and furniture.

A HOT TOPIC Conservatory Solar Film

Did you know that on a hot sunny day your conservatory acts like a powerful radiator? On an average sunny day, each square metre of roof is transmitting over 650 watts of energy from the sun to you.

Inherent within the design of conservatories are large spans of glazing which, while allowing users to enjoy the benefits of sunshine, can also increase the unwanted and sometimes unpleasant effects of excessive heat and glare, Ideally conservatories should be an additional living space that can be used in comfort all year round if they are to be of real value and provide a good return on the initial investment.

Conservatory film comes in a range of finishes. Tinted film will subtly transform the appearance of the conservatory, while reflective films will give a more dramatic look. Or minimise the impact with neutral film, which will blend into carefully planned designs and colour schemes. Quality Performance Conservatory Solar Window Film is the right choice for your conservatory.
The range of our conservatory solar film can’ be fitted to existing glass or windows ‘to create. A Simple, cost –effective solution to most of the problems associated with ‘ordinary’ glass. Our conservatory film are all manufactured from an. advanced, optically-clear micro-thin polyester; each one is. Designed and developed for its special performance characteristics: They are finished with a patented scratch-resistant coating that is extremely tough and curable, and is superior to any other scratch resistant coatings currently available.
Professionally installed by Approved Installers, the conservatory solar films are warranted against peeling and cracking by the manufacturer.


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